Who am I

Hello to everyone. My name is Halit. I was born in a cold January of 1989. I think living in 3 different cities until the age of 6 has a big effect on my character. My interest in photography came out in the years I went to the primary school. It became a passion for me in those years to look at the viewfinder, place objects into a certain composition, and then share it with people. On my tenth birthday, I got my first photo machine. I had to be very careful when taking pictures because there were no digital cameras at those times. Because I had to take 36 pictures on the analogue machine and I had to be very careful when using them. Later, when I started high school education, I saw a Samsung video camcorder sold at a discount store. That camera fascinated me after the analog machine. I must have had it. After long negotiations with my family, I finally got that machine. And soon after I got that machine, I had a first experience by recording the wedding of a family friend. Then I got my first digital photography machine. I was enchanted to be able to take as many pictures as I want without limit. I almost became the happiest person in the world. The highest level that this process has reached is the DSLR camera I took at university. After this point my passion, slowly began to be my work.

What do i shoot

I can simply shoot everything. After I work on it, I will not have a project that I will not be able to take. However, the areas I focus on so far are food, landscape, portrait and wedding photography.